Monday, 4 May 2020

The Solitary Bee Hive

Oue second members installment comes from Tracey. She has been an associate member with us for a few years now and regularly attends the meetings and open apiaries. Tracey wishes to get a hive of her own in the future.

Hi, hope you are all well and staying safe from this terrible virus. I’ve been out across the fields with the dog and passed the community hives several times and notice lots of activity, I didn’t realise you’d  got a top bar hive was pleasantly surprised to see it, Can’t wait to see it in action when this is all over. I got an email  from Maxine mentioning the GBK site, I have a short video of my new solitary bee hive/hotel I got for Christmas if you’d like to use it observed some bees going in and out, only put it up a fortnight ago!! 🤗take care see you on the other side 👋


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