Friday, 1 May 2020

Introducing The District 'Top Bar' hive.

So it was always the idea that the District Apiary would be for training and guidance purposes and with this in mind we wanted to get a few different hives in situ so members could have a look at things and make a decision for themselves. Our latest edition is a 'Top Bar' hive.
It was purchased from Hyde Hives and they were good enough to send me some pictures of the hive in the making. Hyde Hives are top horizontal hive specialists with a very low carbon footprint and use quality materials which they often source themselves right on their doorstep!!

I will share with you a few photos that were sent to me during the process of making the hive.

We've started on your topbar 🙂

I'll keep you posted on the progress of the cedar....
You don't get less of a carbon footprint than this.
Most of the big hive companies use Canadian Cedar
and then kiln dry it.

A couple of nails and we're almost finished 🤣

The hive was made on site and care was taken to get everything as
the district wanted it. Matt from Hyde Hives was in constant contact asking
me for preferences on entrances/floors/observation windows etc.
Each hive can be made specifically with what you would like in mind.

The completed Hive!!

The hive was completed and we finally arranged for delivery a few weeks really is beautifully made and very sturdy. I have made a short video at the district apiary showing you  a closer look inside the top bar. I apologise in advance of you watching it for my ramblings and inferior video skills....


Stewart Maher said...

Will be really interesting to see how this goes and how you manage a colony going forward, it’s certainly a work of art

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