Tuesday, 19 May 2020

District Apiary Hive 2

Today I am going to share  a film with you from a few weeks ago which was taken of 'hive 2'...and I apologise in advance for the bad filming techniques!!

Below is a clip of  'Hive 2'.

Since this clip was made the weather went very cold halting inspections for a week...and then when it warmed up again due to work commitments I was a few days before I could inspect. Of course over this period the bees have been incredibly busy and started drawing out the brood box well and the queen has moved up and is now laying in the new brood box. With plenty of frames still to be drawn out I closed them up and left them to it.


Stewart Maher said...

Bees didn’t take the feed because they were down in the super with the brood and separated from feeder by the brood box with frames and foundation, to take the feed they’d want to be in contact with the feeder

Tanya. said...

Yep....totally made sense when you told me it and an error on my part Stewart....sometimes you need someone to remind you of the little things...thanks.

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