Saturday, 8 February 2020

Beginner Beekeeping Course

I'm sorry to say that Grantham District are not running a beginners beekeeping course this year, however if anybody is looking to attend a course for 2020 then you will be made more than welcome at this course being hosted by Sleaford District.

A course is a great way not only to gain a bit of knowledge before or during your quest of becoming a beekeeper but also a great way to meet like minded people who you can maybe swap a few details with so you have someone on hand should you need help/support.

You do not have to join the District to participate in the course so if you are a member elsewhere but just want to attend a course then it is not a problem and you will still be welcomed.

Lincolnshire being such a big County has several Districts and not all of them have the same things to offer each year but are happy to help each others members should the opportunity arise.

If you aren't within Lincolnshire than you to would be welcome to sign up for the course. Please remember however that courses can get booked up quite quickly so if you are interested in finding out more the sooner you do it the more likely you are to secure a place.