Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Oxalic acid treatment update

So yesterday morning whilst out walking the dog I thought I would have a quick peak at a couple of the varroa floors in the hives.

It states that oxalic acid treatments can take a week to 10 days to kill the mites off but that you can often see a very significant mite drop within 24 hours.

I only checked two hives when I went over....the two that were done with the vaporiser.

Hive 2 was the biggest hive, has two supers of honey and was a newly hatched and mated queen this year. This hive had not been treated for varroa since winter 2018.

As you can see from the board in just 48 hours there was a very significant drop. This hive was very strong throughout the summer, very easy to work with and showed no sign in the hive of deformed wing etc during inspections. The hive has a standard brood box.

The other hive I looked at was a little different. This is hive 3, a hive that I created from doing swarm control from hive 2 in May. No supers on and were fed syrup in the autumn and candy added in December...

As you can see from the board...it's clean...I didn't see a single mite which to be honest I was very surprised with...many factors could be responsible for this.

Obviously as I carried out swarm control many mites would have been left in the parent hive. This is a national polystyrene hive...maybe better insulation helps the bees cope with the mite better?? This is just a possible thought and by no means substantiated anywhere...but none the less something to bear in mind. The other major thing is that they are in a 14 byt 12 brood box as opposed to a standard and I did leave 2 standard brood frames in the box that as drones were laid in them and capped off I then cleared out of the hive...a natural way to control varroa and the only one that was carried out over the summer period.
So this is what has been found so far...I will check the boards again next week and also check hives 1 
& 4 to see what we have on those boards too.


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