Thursday, 3 October 2019

Springwell School Visit. 23/09/19

On the 23rd September I was joined by one of our other members, Jenny to visit Springwell School Grantham where we has been asked to go and talk to 'Primary 1' about bees.
Springwell School Grantham.
This was the second time the school had contacted me, earlier in the year I took their older children into live hives on the district apiary site. 
We had a wonderful time in the classroom and the children were very engaging in the talk asking many questions and also enjoyed trying on the beesuits and having a hands on look at frames, honeycomb, smokers and tools.

The children were a small group aging between 6 and 10 years.

When it was time to say goodbye both Jenny and I received a lovely bunch of flowers presented to us by one of the children and some lovely goodbyes.

The Beautiful flowers given to
Jenny and I just before we left.
One of the pupils also gave us a lovely colouring....

Picture given to us by one of
the pupils.

Before leaving we got to stop in on the older children and it was nice to see that they remembered who I was from last summer and listen to them talking knowing that the experience of going in the hives had a lasting impression with them.

Then a few days later through the post we received these;

The letters from the children were a lovely surprise and it was nice to read what they found interested and remembered from our visit. Click on the images to make them bigger if you would like to read through them too.

Next year we hope to have a follow up visit with the children and take them to look inside a live beehive!!