Sunday, 4 February 2018

B.A. Learning for Beekeepers - exploring beyond the traditional –


Courses are offered by Bees Abroad and run by our expert volunteer beekeepers to raise funds for our projects. The fees will support our work in the relief of poverty through beekeeping.

Course 1: Options for Beekeepers – conventional v natural / sustainable approaches

We will explore the issues with conventional beekeeping and the opportunities for more natural, sustainable and less intensive approaches.  We help you make choices based on a sound understanding of the issues. We draw on experience from the UK and Africa. 
Warre Hive

Topics include:

·         Lifecycle of the Honey Bee – and how it guides us to understand the best beekeeping practices
·         Bee Behaviour -  and how to keep bees more sympathetically
·         Bee Diseases – and how to keep bees more healthily 
·         Choosing A Hive – we compare framed hive designs with others including Warre and top bar hives
·         Getting Started – where to get help, equipment and bees
·         Apitherapy – how products of the hive can benefit human health

Suitable for those with and without beekeeping experience.

Course Tutors          Jane & Richard Ridler – BBKA Master Beekeepers & Bees Abroad Project Managers

Dates                         Sunday 20th May (World Bee Day) & Saturday 14th July
Start/Finish                9.30 to 4.30
Venue                       Writtle University near Chelmsford, Essex. CM13RR
Price                           £89 includes refreshments and lunch

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Course 2: An Introduction to Top Bar Hives – includes make your own

This thought provoking and practical course aims to introduce participants to top bar hive beekeeping and its application in Africa and the UK.
·         We will discuss the practice of beekeeping in both East and west Africa and various styles of hive.
·         You will taste a selection of African honeys.
·         We will demonstrate making top bar hives from both wattle and daub and wood. 
·         You will be provided with materials to make your own wooden top bar hive to take home. If you prefer you can help someone make theirs. The hive will be fully functional and suitable for use in the UK.
·         We discuss beekeeping in the context of sustainable social enterprises for the relief of poverty.

Suitable for those with and without beekeeping experience.
This course is run in conjunction with the Fell Edge Farm Centre who are generously providing the venue.

Course Tutors          Dawn Williamson & Paul Bloch – Bees Abroad Project Managers
Dates             Saturday 7th April
Start/Finish                9.00 to 17.00
Venue                       Fell Edge Farm, Skipton, West Yorks. LS299JX

Waged: £45             Unwaged: £25
Cost of materials to make one hive:
Waged: £70             Unwaged: £50

Light lunch and refreshments included.
Accommodation is available
Book via Bees Abroad on-line shop at