Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy 2017.

So I would just like to wish all our members, fellow beekeepers and general readers a Happy New Year. Here's hoping that the weather will be kind to us and that we will have great nectar flows and plentiful honey crops in the seasons to come.

As the colder weather comes and goes the bees are in and out of their hives on cleansing flights and foraging for whatever may be about. Unfortunately this time of year there isn't much and that is when stores become low. Anybody who is registered with bee base will have already been sent the all important e-mail regarding the 'starvation alert'. For those of you not on bee base I have included the email below in italics;

In some regions of the UK beekeepers have reported excessive use of food stores due to the un-seasonally warm weather. It would be advisable that you check your colonies have adequate stores and add supplements if required. With the weather being quite variable, fondant is the best option not liquid feed.

For those of you thinking about treating your colonies with Oxalic acid, we remind you to only use only approved products Api-bioxal or Oxuvar and to administer the treatment by label instruction only.

It also gives a little detail about Oxalic Acid treatments. If you are not signed up with bee base then i really encourage you to do so, it has plentiful information and alerts are sent to you via e-mail regarding important information. It is very easy to sign up and it is not only for those who are members of districts but open to all beekeepers. Just follow this link; National Bee Unit to sign up today.

On a lighter note I hope you all enjoyed Christmas, I got two lovely bee themed presents which I thought I would share;

The first is a lovely blouse with a bee
print on from Tescos.
The second is a spectacles holder.
This was hand carved and designed
especially for me and I love it's

Did you get any weirdly unique gifts or anything to help you into the coming season?? If so i would love to know about them and if you wanted to e-mail me some pictures then I could share them with everyone else too....always good to have thoughts for presents for birthdays and christmas to come!!


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