Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Lovely Lavender!

Well with the improvement in the weather over the last month or so the bees are being ver productive and are loving the lavender....

Lavender bush in my garden.
I have just the one bush in my back garden but the all the bees are quite taken with it, bumble, solitary and honey!!

honey bees on lavender
Honey bee just about to land.
honey bees on lavender
Forage, forage, forage!!
honey bees on lavender

With the flowers being quite small they zip around them really quick so the photos aren't great but it was lovely to see the honey bees in the garden. I'd like to think it was my bees collecting some lovely lavender nectar but they could have come from anywhere!! There are plenty more lavender bushes on the allotments and at times they are so full of bees it's like standing near an open hive as you pass, Just the other day one of the allotment tenants commented to me how they had been busy working on their plot and at want point looked to see if maybe there was a swarm flying over they were so abundant within the plants!!