Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hopefully the first of many!

So the first real warm day of the year saw the bees very busy indeed and happily out on their flights and coming back with pollen.

So nice to see them happily flying about after winter....it's still too cold to do an inspection yet and obviously a few flying bees doesn't necessarily mean all is well in the hive but it's always a good start, especially when they are out collecting pollen.

A quick jaunt over to Annabel's hive.....

showed that they were also happily enjoying the warm still day....now we just wait for first inspection time...fingers crossed.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

L.B.K.A. Spring Lecture and A.G.M. 2016

Lincolnshire Beekeepers’ Association
Registered Charity number 500360
Spring Lecture

“Bee Law”

Speaker: AndreW Beer


William Farr School
Lincoln Road
Welton LN2 3JB
2:00pm, Saturday 12th March 2016

Admission free

The Association’s AGM will follow at 3.30pm

Any enquiries to Education Committee Chair, Eddy Gadd
tel. 07860 493114