Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Honeybee's book review

 This is a wonderful collection of books for children ranging from 5-7 years old. Unfortunately I have only found them available for Kindle/e-readers but the fact that if you have kindle unlimited you can download them for free it is a great way to teach younger children more about bees in a way that they can easily understand which is also a lovely visual experience for them.

If you don't have Kindle unlimited then the cost of purchase is around £2.50 per book

The fact that they are so visual would also make them appealing to younger children even if they can't yet fully comprehend the content and older children would greatly benefit from them too. To get a little look inside a few of these books then just visit these links;

                   Honey bee body parts flash cards
                   Honey bee recipe book
                   Honey Bee body parts
                   Honey bee chores
                   Honey bee life cycle
                   Honey bee reads time
                   Honey bee facts
                   Honey bee family and home
                   Honey bee life cycle flash cards
                   Honey bee family and home flash cards
                   Honey bee dictionary
                   Honey bee counting book

In the entire collection there are at least 15 booke though some of them are duplicated as they have produced a book and 'flash cards' in the same titles.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

A.G.M. Fun!!

So last Tuesday saw the A.G.M. for Grantham District Beekeepers. Considering the amount of members we have in the District the turnout wasn't great but the old faithfuls attended and the meeting went smoothly.

I do understand people not rushing to attend an A.G.M., they can be a bit long winded and boring which is why we had the food and raffle to follow so that people could have a bit of a chat and of course we did have Annabels file for perusal this year. This was what Annabel had put together and will be presented to the Education Committee at the next meeting to see whether or not she will get to keep the hive and bees presented to her earlier this year as part of the 'Leslie Thorne Award'.

Her file was very well put together and we are hoping that Education are impressed with her progress over the last year.

As well as all of the above taking place we also had to nominate someone to receive the 'Roy Parker Pin' for 2016. This is a lovely handmade brooch which was gifted to Grantham District By Roy Parkers' daughter who is a jewelry maker.

The Roy Parker Pin.
The Roy Parker Pin.
Roy's daughter made one for her Father last year and presented it to her Dad at the 2014 A.G.M. At this time she also presented an extra brooch to Grantham District which last year was presented to Andrew Rock for stepping very quickly and efficiently into the role of Treasurer after our last treasure suddenly stepped down.

During a committee meeting prior to the A.G.M. it was suggested that Annabel was the most deserving member of the brooch this year and so was presented with this during the A.G.M.

Annabel being presented with the 'Roy Parker pin' By The Chair of Grantham District, 'Jez'.
Annabel being presented with the
'Roy Parker pin' By The Chair of
Grantham District, 'Jez'.

Annabel had no idea she was to receive the pin and so was a little shocked but I am sure she was very happy to have been chosen and even gave me a smile a little later on!!

Annabel being presented with the 'Roy Parker pin' By The Chair of Grantham District, 'Jez'.
Annabel having a closer look
at the brooch.

So all in all a nice A.G.M. with many topics covered and much discussed.
A Christmas social activity was settled on whilst there and all members will be e-mailed about this in good time.
We also got plenty of open apiary dates secured for next year which members will again be notified of in good time.

Remember open apiaries are for ALL members...not just full members so if you don't have your own bees then this is a wonderful opportunity for you to partake in and remember that the district have suits available for members to use if you do not own one.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Grantham District LBKA AGM

Please find below the details & agenda for the 2015 Grantham District Beekeepers AGM. We hope to see many members attending. Immediately following AGM there will also be a social gathering with buffet so it would be great if you can let us know either way if you are attending. 

Subs for 2016 can also be paid on the night. 

Grantham District LBKA
AGM 7.30 pm 17.11.2015
The Railway Club Off Huntingtower Road Grantham


1.         Welcome from Chair:

2.         Apologies:

3.         Minutes from AGM 18.11.2014:

4.         AOB from last meeting:

5.         Treasurer’s Report:

6.         Membership secretary’s report:

7.         Social & publicity officers’ report:

8.         Report from Central Council:

9.         Beginners’ course 2015 & 2016:

10.       Leslie Thorne Award:

11.       Award of the Roy Parker Pin:

12.       Election of Officers:

13.       Proposals / Discussion points:

Proposal 1:

Application for purchase of equipment through matched funding with LBKA

14.         AOB:

Catherine Bennett
Grantham District LBKA – note new email address!