Sunday, 9 August 2015

Good bees want new home !!

Looking to offload one of my hives so I can reduce my numbers, the colony I'm thinking off has a two month old queen who's been laying well for about five or six weeks. The parent Queen has a great temperament and these seem to be good too so seems a shame for me to merge them with another colony.

I'd like to sell them for a small sum to cover the cost of treatments etc but loads less than what anyone would expect from elsewhere.

If anyone is interested just leave a message on the Grantham Beekeepers Facebook page.

Stewart Maher, Member of Grantham District Beekeepers.

Marked Queen of 2015

Calm Bees, good size colony.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Wednesday Walk

Mating bumble bees

Pretty sweet peas.

Roses are red.....

I love the contrast of the different shape and colour leaves.

and roses are yellow!!

weeds are pretty too!!

Pretty hedgerows.