Monday, 14 April 2014

The Wonder of Bees

Tonight starting on BBC FOUR is a 4 part series I think you all might 'bee' interested in.

The Wonder of Bees with Martha Kearney

the bees didn't read that book!!
Who says bees only build down???
BBC Four, 8:00pm.

Martha Kearney's year gets off to a bad start when unseasonal snow in spring threatens to kill the bee colonies she keeps in her garden in Suffolk. With help from a master beekeeper Martha feeds her bees and takes one of the hives to a wildflower meadow at a neighbour's house along with two brand new hives.

She discovers the intricate hierarchy within the bee colony and learns how the organisation of the hive has become a metaphor for human society. At a London school she learns the secrets of urban bees' success even while bees in the country as a whole are in decline. The episode ends with three new hives established on a wildflower meadow, ready to start producing classic British wildflower honey

To learn more , have a sneak peak or find it on the iplayer just go here where you will also find a link to BBC Nature; Bees that is really interesting too.


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