Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sneaky Winter Peek

So I went to check on the hives as although you don't do much with them this time of year I needed to check that they were alive and well and also had some stores left. Being the time of year it is obviously it was never going to be warm so I only lifted the lid for a second and had a sneaky peek through the crown board.

bees in the hive in winter

bees in the hive in winter

bees in the hive in winter

Not the best pictures in the world but at least it showed me that they were all alive. As you can see the bees are quite close to the top of the frames and this weekend I will be putting some fondant in to help them along in case there store are running low. If they don't need it then it won't make any difference but I would rather put it in just in case as I don't want to disturb the hive too much in the cold weather.


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