Thursday, 24 August 2017

Not as it seems.

So a while ago I got a call from a lady who believed she may have a honey bee problem. It was her gardener who had pointed it out to her so I went for a look and did indeed confirm that she had honey bees going in and out of a gap in her flashing on her chimney breast, not a huge amount so my thinking was it was possibly a swarm that had only just moved in as I also saw no drones

Due to it being a bungalow it wasn't overly high up but I'm no builder so enlisted a little help before going back and tackling the situation.

I went back with two of our members who were a little more 'In the know' when it came to dismantling and putting back together walls and I stood with a camera whilst they got to work!!

As is often the way....things weren't as they first appeared!!

As you can see from the pictures once we got the flashing pulled back and the first roof tile removed we discovered there was no cavity at all as it was totally filled in with cement but what we did find was the remnants of a bumble bee nest.
The honey bees had obviously been robbing out anything that was there, We saw grubs that were alive but no bumbles bothered us so not really sure if these were bumble bee larvae or something else altogether but needless to say we left them be and put everything back together.

So...moral of the story....never make just one observational trip when it is such an involved job...make several visits so you can asses what is really going on!


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