Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A bit of an 'oopsy'

So on Sunday i went over to my hives to take some supers of honey off for extraction. The super removal all went according to plan and was very smoothly done. Take a frame out...give it a shake...brush off any lingering bees and pop it into an empty super. Annabel and juliette were there with a couple of friends and we got it done in no tie with a little working line on the go.

As always with removing supers you get a few bees lingering around and as my hives are so close I walk them home in a  wheelbarrow, this is what I always do and then when I get home I check the supers...brush off any lingering bees and take them into the kitchen.

Sunday was a little different however, I had been up the allotment for three hours and it was quite a warm day so between tasks I had consumed quite a lot of liquid....this of course meant the inevitable...I was desperate to use the toilet. So on Sunday when I got home I pushed the wheelbarrow up the garden and left it whist I went to the toilet, I then got talking and thought, 'I'll make a cup of tea', I was a little parched you see!!

This all took about 15 minutes...when i looked out the window this is what I saw......

pied piper of bees!!
Lots of bees in the garden
pied piper of bees
A close up of the bees trying to take their
honey back!!

pied piper of bees
Got this close up of one that landed
on the window!!
So those few that had followed me home had gone back to their hive and told their siblings EXACTLY what I had done with their hard earned liquid gold. You can't really see in the photos but this resulted in a few thousand bees being out in the garden!!

Now a few thousand bees in nothing to a beekeeper however the Hubby and Son REALLY don't like bees and were not at all happy about the current situation. Doors and windows were hastily shut by them and my Son actually told me he wasn't going to work unless I went and got his bike out the shed for him...of course I quite happily did this and didn't get bothered by the bees at all!!

So the sun set, the bees went home, I fetched the supers in and all was quiet once again. That was until the next morning when the bees got up and came right back to the garden!! Of course the supers were no longer there for them to try and get at but it didn't stop them coming. Slowly it got less and when I went to work monday afternoon there were only a few hundred hanging around the garden. This however was still far too many for the Hubby who didn't go out biking that evening as I was at work and couldn't get his bike out and, 'There were too many (there were a few expletives...use your imagination!) bees in the garden!' My son just rolled his eyes at me and shook his head!!

Anyway it's Tuesday today and the garden has only had the 'normal' bee activity so I guess by this morning they had realised that there was no longer anything for them. I told a couple of people...both of whom found it amusing and one referred to me as 'The pied piper of bees', I kind of liked that!!

As for the honey...it was well worth it,

Lovely golden honey.
Lovely golden honey.
Hubby is happier with the honey than he was with the bees!!


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