Saturday, 16 July 2016

Inspecting Sarah's bees!!

So the weather has been less than kind this season and quite a few of the open apiaries have had to be cancelled.

Anyway I decided to pop over to Sarah's regardless today although an hour later than the OA was planned and upon arriving the rain gave way for a little while so we went down to have a look at the bees.

Sarah decided to look into the hive that didn't have a marked queen and this turned out to be a good idea as we spotted, caught and marked her so it turned out to be a very productive inspection!!

Sarah is a very gentle handler of her hives, frames and bees...far gentler then myself when going through a hive...made me feel a bit bad to be honest....maybe I should try it! The colony we went through were lovely and calm and there was plenty brood and eggs present. As it wasn't my hives and I wasn't inspecting I got to play with the camera a little....enjoy the photos!!

bee frame, inspection, stores
Sarah getting the first frame out,
very little in the way of stores.
a colony of bees
The colony.
honey bee worker brood
Lovely brood pattern
capped brood, eggs, larvae, grubs
Capped brood on the outer frame,3 day
old larvae and grubs in the centre.
honey bees in the hive
The photos above and below were taken by me placing
the lens of the camera at the hive entrance,
hence the reason they look upside down!

honey bees in the hive

honey bees protecting and feeding eggs and larvae.
This frame brimming with bees is also full
of newly laid eggs!!
honey bee
Hi Bee.
I love the way the camera picks
what it wants to focus on!

honey bees in hive and flight.
Looking across at the other hives
and watching the bees fly!
Drone brood and queen cups
Drone brood and queen cups,
nothing in those cups though!!
Bees being capped off just before pupating.
Bees being capped off just
before pupating.
Brace comb from under the queen excluder
Brace comb from under the queen excluder
which the bees are cleaning out.
One or two dead bees whilst you inspect is inevitable!!
One or two dead bees whilst you
inspect is inevitable!!
Lift off!!!
queen bee hunt
They just realised where their
queen is located!!
honey...never waste a drop!!
These last few are too busy eating honey
remnants to care!!
We did find the hive quite low on stores so after sorting out the Supers Sarah placed an empty box on top and will put some syrup on tonight. The weather is supposed to be picking up next week but you never really know so better to be safe than sorry as they really are a beautifully natured colony!!


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