Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bee Tree......Help!!

So there is a tree in a garden....plenty of gardens have trees so nothing strange there...however this one has bees in it!!
This is the spot which the
bees use as their entrance.

Not much to see when I put the camera in the
whole but you can see the bees are there!

I can't really see where they are
gaining access or how much
room they have.

There is plenty of
activity though!!
So not the best of shots in the world. Anyway why am I writing about this?? The owner of the tree would really like them out if possible. The tree in question is just inside the gate and although they do have other access to the garden would like the bees removed if it is possible to do so without harming either the colony or the tree. A bait hive was set up a few weeks ago but as of yet we have not successfully lured them out.

The hive in question is a full size B.S. with new frames of foundation in and also a super with new frames of foundation in. A few bees have been and checked things out but have not took the plunge to move the colony in.

Does anybody have any pointers, ideas or tips on things that we could try that might get the bees to move into this wonderful two storey accommodation we are offering??

The colony are  quite gentle and really weren't too fussed when I shoved a camera with a flash going off into the entrance of their current home!!


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