Sunday, 19 June 2016

Open Apiary at Isobels

Well the weather improved today just in time for Isobels open apiary. Just as we were getting suited up the sky cleared and the Sun shone.

We were a select few but it was a lovely couple of hours and a nice time was had by all with plenty of tea and delicious home made cakes!!

We spotted and successfully marked a queen in one of the swarms Isobel collected a few weeks ago, saw plenty of swarm cells in one hive and found wonderfully newly laid eggs in a hive that swarmed not so long ago.

Isobels hives were calm and the newbies who attended thoroughly enjoyed their experience and asked plenty of questions.

Isobel got a little camera happy so I'll just share a few with you now.

After we had finished with the hive inspections we had more tea and cake and chatted for a while longer and the bee talk was finished off nicely with a bit of a book swap!

I would like to thank Isobel for a wonderful afternoon and welcoming the new members.


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