Sunday, 17 April 2016

Honey Identification By Rex Sawyer. Book Review

Honey identification by Rex Sawyer is a well Researched,
well written book which is available to purchase second
hand as no re-prints have been published. It is not cheap to purchase
however but if you are a member of L.B.K.A then you can borrow
the book from their library, check out their website for details.
Certainly not a book for the beginner bee-keeper this book
is a lot more in-depth in honey and identifying the
different aspects as you can see from the contents
page above. If however you would like to look further
into this or are looking to sitting the B.B.K.A.
modules then the book is invaluable.
With it being quite an old book the pictures are mainly
black and white which can make it a little harder
when looking for identification as colour is also a
 key factor. There may be a more modern version
available by a different author but I have not personally
looked for one yet.
So in short...a very good book with valuable content which cannot age as the content is not going to change and could be very helpful to people interest in this aspect or studying for modules.


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