Sunday, 11 October 2015

Bee Drenching.

On Sunday 4th October whilst doing a hive inspection we gave the bees a good drenching. I have been putting ‘Hive Alive’ in the syrup which I have been feeding them to give them a boost and ‘drenching’ is a method suggested on the packaging.
To ‘drench’ the bees you make a 1:1 sugar syrup and add 1ml of ‘Hive Alive’ to every 100ml of syrup. You then put this in a spray bottle and use this to spray the frames within the hive. It is an easy process as you spray the bees too so it is quick to apply. Simply take a frame out of the hive, spray both sides and replace. Continue systematically through the hive thoroughly spraying each frame including wax, brood, eggs and bees.
Hive alive;
• Only product proven to make your colonies 89% stronger and
   more productive*
• Promotes intestinal well-being
• Quickest and easiest to use
• Prevents syrup from fermenting
• Additional uses and benefits

In the hive we go!!

Drenching the bees was easy but sticky work.
Each frame was removed and both sides sprayed
with the syrup solution.

deformed wing virus and varoa mite.

Here you can see the droplets of sugar syrup on the bees as well as healthy bees and eggs. I also noticed the bee with the deform wing virus and the varroa mite. Drenching can help with both of these problems.

Healthy brood pattern.

Healthy brood pattern with honey stores surrounding. The bees were nice and calm throughout the drenching and we saw the queen who hatched and mated in 2015 and is marked blue.

To find out more about 'HiveAlive' and it's benefits to bees go here. I did!!

By Annabel McCabe.


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