Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Beekeeping by Andrew Davies...Book Review.

'Inspiration and practical advice for would be small holders.'
Beekeeping by Andrew Davies

'Inspiration and practical advice for would be small holders.'

This practical guide from 'Country Living' and 'The National Trust' explores everything you need to know about beekeeping including;

  • How to become a beekeeper
  • Hives and equipment
  • Common problems
  • Collecting honey
  • Swarms and how to avoid them
A very east book to follow, well headed chapters and sub-chapters. A good 'Beekeepers Year' at the back along with a resource section and a glossary with those all important words which you need to know but are a little tricky!!

A handy size to be able to take to the hives with you.

No glossy colour photos in this one though so if you're a newbie it is a great book to have but maybe one to go alongside a more in-depth book with some good colour close ups to guide you in tricky situations!!


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