Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Trip to 'Big Tree Honey Farm'.

So it was planned yesterday to go out to get Annabel s bees from the honey farm. Of course it rained most of the day but then the skies cleared and the rain stopped and the postponement which had been placed earlier in the day was lifted and off we went!!

As most of you will know Annabel won her bees as part of her Leslie Thorne Award and so as a District Grantham Beekeepers had to source her a good strong colony of bees. To do this we approached Eddy Gadd who then wouldn't take any money off us so we donated a sum of money to a charity to a charity of his choice which was 'Bees for Development'!!

Now we will go straight in with some photo's of Annabel, her Mum and Jez, (the chairman of Grantham District Beekeepers) meeting up and having a chat before sorting out the bees and then we will also get to see a few photos of Eddy's Farm and set up.

We arrive at Big Tree Honey Farm.
We arrive at Big Tree Honey Farm.

First arrival at Big Tree Honey Farm
First arrival at Big Tree Honey Farm.
Meeting with Eddy and sorting
the paperwork.
Securing the nuc for transport
Eddy and Jez Securing
the nuc for transpo
strong colony with laying
queen over 5 frames

Annabel thanks Eddy and shakes his hand!!
Annabel thanks Eddy
and shakes his hand!!

After we had sorted out the bees and got them ready for transport Eddy was kind enough
to let us have a Little look around his farm where he rears his bees, spins and creams his honey.
bumble bees in a bird house
Eddy had some bumble bees in a bird
house which he has just
yet he has not had chance to identify
 the species and I am not too familiar
with bumble bees!!

Nucs ready for transport to other beekeepers
These are nucs all with laying queens
in ready to be transported to bee keepers
around the county.

Flying bees from Annabel s nuc
The bees you see here are the ones
that were out foraging when we
moved Annabel s hive, don't worry
though they will drift into a hive
close by.

queen rearing nucs ready for dispatch
As well as full size nucs Eddy rears
'queen nucs'. These are much smaller
and only have a handful of bees
to go into a nuc upon delivery.

Lincolnshire Honey, Big tree honey farm van.
To do all this nuc rearing you need
a good mode of transport and Eddy
has his van. You can always contact
him for info or if you are interested
in sourcing some bees from him.
Loading the nuc for transport
So after a lovely chat and look around
the farm it was time to load up the bees
into the and get them to their new home.

Secure nuc in the back of a car
The bees were loaded into the boot.
We didn't go to collect until about
7:30pm knowing that it would be
a cooler ride home and that there
would be less chance of the bees
overheating and getting stressed out.

Paperwork for where the bees came from and what 'strain' they are.
Paperwork for where the bees came
 from and what 'strain' they are.
So that was it. The hive was transported successfully and now Annabel is a fully fledged beekeeper!!

The bees will need to go into a full size hive with them being such a big colony so Annabel can get stuck straight in with her management as soon as they have had and evening to settle!!


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