Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Next generation of Bee-Keepers.

I don't really have a 'stereo-typical' in my mind for bee-keepers but I do know that most of the people I have heard of who are interested in bee keeping or who are already bee-keepers are of the older generation. Does this then mean we are a dying breed??

I sincerely hope not as this would mean that sooner rather than later there would be no-one around to give the bees that little bit of help to keep there numbers up in the world.

That is why I was really pleased when my friends daughter showed great interest when I got my first hives last year, so much so in fact that she has joined the course that Grantham Bee-keepers are currently running.

The course is now about half way through and so last Saturday when I was going to do a hive inspection I invited Annabel to come along and go through the hives with me.

Suited up for a hive inspection.
Looking 'cool' in  her bee suit!!
I have to say I don't think I have ever seen a bee suit look 'cool' until Annabel wore one!!

So once we were suited up we went through the hives. Annabel was great and really enjoyed it, She even saw the queen marked with a red spot and spotted the capped queen cell in the nuc hive.

Annabel did say that next time she wouldn't wear the 'dangly' earrings as she kept thinking they were bees when they moved!!

Next time I will let her take the lead a little more so she gets a bit more hands on experience.

I am so pleased that we have a junior in our group and hope that it's only the beginning and that in time we will get more juniors interested and joining us too!!

If you know of any children who are interested then why don't you seek out your closest bee-keeping association and see if they can get involved to help save the bees.


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