Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A few nice words and an update.

Well I received a really nice e-mail today with also a few concerns so I thought I would share with you all. Here is what I received.

First  of all congrats Tanya and everyone else involved in setting up the 
electronic communication.

Here we go then with Bee stuff. Today (18 feb) and a couple of days ago my 
bees were quite active. Temp 10 C. They have just gone back in as it has 
started to rain (wimps). I am a little concerned that they are out and 
about looking for food that doesn't exist. I have a little bit of fondant 
left on the crown board which they have been helping themselves to since 
last November. I looked in the hive a week ago and the remains of the 
colony were active clustered at the top of the single super. I am feeling  
happy about the condition of my bees but would be grateful if anyone might 
think that I am over optimistic and if i should take any further action to 
ensure they remain OK. Ignorance is not always bliss.

Robert Watkins
To be honest Robert, personally this is the first year I have cared for bees and I am just happy that at this point mine are still alive. I have had a couple of days where mine have been out and flying but I wasn't worried they wouldn't find anything to collect, they are industrious little things and I too have given them fondant in case they need it. As a total newbie I would say just to keep and eye on the fondant and give more if it all goes....some of the more seasoned beekeepers may have different thoughts and if they do and I am totally wrong lets hope they leave a comment...would be nice if they left a comment to let me know I'm right too..lol
Fingers crossed the weather soon picks up and we can see the colony numbers start to rise again!!
So that's about it for this post. I must say though, it's nice to know that members appreciate the hard work we are putting into getting Grantham District up and running and also nice to know that they are coming over to check out what's going on at the blog and using it for the reason it was first created...would love to hear from some more of you with photos too if you have them!!


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