Friday, 19 July 2019

Grantham District spend a morning with St. Sebastian's E.Y.F.S.

One of our members was a former teacher at St Sebastian's School in Grantham and was asked if she could go in to class and talk to the children about bees. Jenny asked if I could go along with her to support as she is new to beekeeping and I was more than happy to lend a hand.

We started the morning off in class talking to the children about the importance of bees and what they do and also showing them some of the equipment that we use as beekeepers. The children were all very well behaved and had some great questions to ask us. (Image blurred for data protection.)

Jenny lives literally just around the corner from the school so after having a chat with the children and talking to them about respecting the bees  we then got them suited up and took them around to see a real live hive. the Children were divided into groups and there was a summer house right near the hives, (just to the left in the photo you can see the corner of this) where the children could safely observe us doing a hive inspection if they didnt feel confident about being very close to the bees.

As is usually the way with children they were a joy to be around and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being close to the bees and seeing the eggs and larvae. They even got to see some bees hatching out and a close up look at the queen just before we marked her green. (Please note...childrens faces hidden for data protection)

It was a wonderful day followed by a lovely e-mail from the teacher thanking us and hoping that the experience can be repeated in the future. We also got some wonderful cards from the children thanking us for visiting them....

Amazing artwork and writing for 5 year olds...wouldn't you agree?? 

I am looking forward to being able to carry out more visits like this in the future.