Sunday, 19 January 2020

7 Days After Oxalic Acid treatment......

So Yesterday I visited the hives....7 days after the oxalic acid treatment was is what I found on the varroa boards......

Hive 1. Treatment...oxalic acid 'trickle'
As you can see on this board there is 
a good varroa drop, this hive had not
been treated since winter 2018. This hive
swarmed naturally during summer 2019.
Hive 2, Treatment...Oxalic acid 'vaporiser'
This hive is the one I showed you last week.
I cleaned the board before putting it back
and still there is another significant drop.
This hive had not been treated since winter
2018. Artificial swarm control was carried
out on this hive in summer 2019.
Hive 3, Treatment...Oxalic Acid 'Trickle'
Still very little in the way of either varroa
or debris on this board but I can assure you
that there is an active colony within.
This hive was created when carrying
out swarm control on hive 2.
Hive 4, Treatment...Oxalic acid 'vaporiser'

This hive was a swarm caught and brought to the 
district apiary so I do not know its origin/history.
As you can see there appears to be very little drop.
however I wold like to point out the this is a 
wooden varroa floor and when I pulled it out
to check the wood had 'sucked' all the oil and the
board was dry so some varroa/debris could
easily have been blown away.

So as you can see there were mixed results but from hive to hive and not so much with the way in which the treatment was administered. Personally I am happier with the 'trickle' method and will continue to do this on my own hives but would happily carry out both methods again next winter should more members like to observe the process.
It's very interesting how both swarms have very little drop and I have some thoughts about this that can be covered maybe later on...of course if you have some theories on this I would love to hear them so please comment so we can see what others thoughts are too.